Our Mission

Kami empowers music businesses to unlock new economic opportunities for their artists and strengthen their communities through NFTs.

Our Pupose


NFTs enable new revenue streams for music businesses, catalog owners, and creators by generating NFTs


We have many reliable partners who help distribute your products around the world

Our Community

In the context of NFTs, communities are formed by artists, collectors, enthusiasts, and supporters who share a common interest in digital art.

Loyal Buyers

We support artists and creators to sell their exclusive NTFs through Kami's own media channels


Labels, management companies, distributors, and aggregators can provide this service to their artists without understanding blockchain, cryptocurrency


we're reshaping digital ownership to power the music 3.0 economy by increasing speed, accuracy, and transparency in rights management, digital supply chain, and royalty distribution.

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Getting Started

Accessing the NFT Beta

Please contact your customer success representative for access.

Creating Your First NFT

Mint a 1 of 1 collectible or a limited edition run for multiple buyers to purchase.

Listing NFTs For Sale

List your NFT for sale on your storefront or a third-party marketplace.

Receiving Royalties

Get paid royalties each time your NFT is re-sold on other marketplaces.


Set up your company's storefront to showcase your artists' NF


Each Revelator Pro customer's smart contract wallet is created on-demand.


Where are Revelator NFT media files Stored?

IPFS is the distributed point where your files live. It doesn't rely on a centralized server but a distributed network of nodes that aim to track the integrity of the files stored in it.

What Payment methods are available?

By default, users are able to use a web3 wallet and make payments with crypto. We also support a Stripe integration for payments using credit cards.

What blockchain networks are supported?

For testing on the Revelator Staging environment, assets are minted on the Polygon test network, Mumbai. We currently mint NFTs on the Polygon main network in production.

Where are the NFTs purchased with a credit card delivered to?

We have created an environment that enables a custodial / managed wallet for a user to possess and handle the NFTs purchased. These wallets seed phrases are created randomly meaning Revelator doesn't store passwords from users/clients.

What kind of license is granted to the buyer?

It is the sole discretion of the NFT creator/minter to explicitly declare and concede the licenses permitted for a certain NFT and the scope it can be used for.

Where can my buyers buy MATIC if they prefer not to use a credit card?

MATIC can be obtained from all major exchanges and loaded into any Ethereum compatible wallet (such as Metamask, Coinbase Wallet and more).